How to Teach Your Kids About Endangered Species


As the world struggles with plenty environmental problems, it’s more important than ever before to educate our children about the importance of helping solve these issues, like endangered species. Children are the scientists and conservationists of tomorrow, so it’ll soon be up to them to find solutions. Starting as soon as possible, begin educating your child about endangered species and ways they can help them. The more informed your child is, the more conscientious they can be of their impact on the world around them and how they can help improve environmental issues. Here are some ideas for teaching your kids about endangered species, in ways that children will respond well to.

Attend an educational event

If you live in a large town or city, there are going to be lots of educational events regarding wildlife and geared toward families in your area. Lots of conservation groups or animal sanctuaries feature opportunities for children to visit and learn more about their mission. If these events cost money, you know it’s going to a good cause to help conservation efforts and to benefit endangered species. If there are colleges in your area, they also often feature guest speakers who work with animals and the environment. These events can be incredibly beneficial for young children and help them develop a passion for learning about and helping endangered species.

Patronize cruelty-free brands

A great way to teach children the value of protecting endangered species and the environment in general is by patronizing brands that are cruelty-free and less harmful to the environment. Teach your kids to research for brands that avoid testing on animals and are environmentally conscious and you’ll support sustainable consumerism. You can also find plenty of wildlife and environmental charities that help out specific causes. Whether it’s conservation, a specific type of animal, or the environment in general, you’ll be able to find a philanthropy that you can donate to for the cause of your choice.

Watch a documentary or movie

There are plenty of beautiful documentaries available that focus on animals and the environment. You can watch these with your children. If you’re not sure they’ll be interested in a documentary or that it’s too mature for them, you could also watch a more exciting movie like Finding Nemo or something else that features endangered animals. Take a few minutes to teach them the names of the animal, where they live, and how we can help them survive.

Volunteer with them

Volunteering is beneficial for your child regardless of what cause you’re helping out with, but it’s more than likely you can find volunteer opportunities where they can learn more about endangered animals. Depending how old they are, maybe they can volunteer at the local zoo or a wildlife sanctuary. Maybe they simply volunteer at the library and have the chance to read books about endangered species. Whatever it is, it can help teach them the value of volunteering and helping out an important cause.